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78-82 Pacific Dr Keysborough Vic 3173


Equipment & Consumables

Home to Rilecart Australia.

Hilton Laminating were established in 1980 specialising in quality Laminating equipment and consumables.

Hilton have been distributing binding products for some time, and we recently had the opportunity to expand our offerings by acquiring Rilecart Australia! It was a perfect fit for both businesses, and we couldn’t be happier. With the addition of industrial binding equipment and the distribution of Spools, our product range has expanded significantly, which means our customers now have even more choices when it comes to finishing their projects. We’re beyond excited about the new equipment and can’t wait to offer it to our customers.

Professional Equipment

Semi-automatic binding equipment & semi-automatic binding - calendar equipment

Punching Equipment

Electric punching & electric closing, electric punching & manual closing equipment

Desktop Binding Equipment

Wire, Spiral Coil & Comb binding equipment in electric / electric - manual / manual options

Double Loop Wire Spools

Rilecart supply all your binding consumables including 3:1 & 2:1 Wire Spools

Wire Binds

Cut Wire 3:1 & 2:1

Spiral Binds

Sprial coils 4:1 & 6:1

Plastic Binding Combs

Plastic binding combs 20 and 21 loop in all colours

Clear PVC Covers

Clearcovers are available from 150mic - 350mic in A4 & A3. We also have a range of Frosted covers, which go up to 700mic.

Leathergrain Covers

Thick, good quality leathergrain in 300 GSM. Available in Black, White, Red, Blue, Maroon in A4 & A3

Poly Covers

Modern and stylish, these polycovers are 500 micron and available in Black, Red & Blue in A4 & A3, packets of 50.